X marks the spot: TEDx on Mount Everest, for the second time

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TEDxEverest2Call it TEDx from the mountaintop: This photo is brought to you by TEDxEverest, which was organized by Nate Mook and Eiso Vaandrager on the 60th anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s first hike up the mountain. These ambitious organizers brought bold ideas to an audience of sherpas and climbers at an Advanced Basecamp, elevation 21,000 feet — for the second time. This is the devotion of TEDx organizers — literally climbing Everest to spread ideas.

This week, from events held across the world, we’ve handpicked four TEDx Talks that encapsulate this diverse venture. Ranging from bringing the mammoth back to a game that helps neuroscientists map the human brain — all of these talks are brought to you by our vast TEDx community. Below, find this week’s talks.

What are wild animals up to?: Nick Whitney at TEDxSarasota
If you want to study true animal…

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