Sci Friday: Booksellers Gone Wild (with Photoshop)


You know how it goes. You’re at work, maybe it’s a slow afternoon, and you turn to the bookseller standing next to you and ask, “If you could be the main character of a totally fake book, who would you be and what would be your storyline?” And then the two of you start messing with Photoshop and, you know, this happens:


helen book cover

Title: Raising Caine
Series: A Helios Caine Vampire Huntress Novel
Tagline: This time, her heart is the one at stake.
Author: Druscilla Ashton
Summary: As a direct descendant of the Biblical Cain, Helios is bound by ancient decree to repay a debt to society. Righting wrongs with a silver-edged sword passed down through hundreds of generations, this dark avenger is unmatched in her vampire stalking prowess. But one fateful night after Helios is rescued from the clutches of the elder Emperor Calligula by…

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