Party Like a Capitol Star

Victor's Village

In Chapter 6 of Catching Fire, Suzanne Collins writes of a lavish Capitol party that Katniss attends at President Snow’s mansion. We seen bits of it in the teaser trailer for the movie – you all know that part where the creepy guy touches Katniss’s feathery sleeve, right?

BKk3nLhCAAAHk3FAt Cannes, there’s a lavish Capitol party going on as well, thrown to celebrate the 75th Annual Hunger Games… or, you know, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Several people walk around in Capitol get-ups, bright neon drinks are being served, and Jennifer Lawrence is in attendance at this party on the beach.

The buzz around the party however is that there have been rumors surrounding possible footage from the movie to be shown. Whether that has happened, we haven’t found out yet, and if it does get shown, it will probably stay at the party (What happens in Cannes, stays in Cannes…

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