Cell out? Successful embryo stem cell cloning draws moral fire


A new landmark stem cell technique in therapeutic cloning opens new horizons in treating rare diseases and disorders caused by gene mutations. Yet, like any kind of human cloning, the research has sparked controversy on either side of the Atlantic.

A decade-long effort of geneticists worldwide has finally been crowned with success. On May 15, The Cell published report from scientists in Oregon that they have managed to harvest stem cells from six human embryos bred from donated eggs.

Two embryos got DNA of a child with a genetic disorder (samples taken from skin cells), and the other four were raised with DNA from fetal skin cells.

Shoukhrat Mitalipov, senior scientist at Oregon Health & Science University, has announced elaboration of a breakthrough technology enabling production of personalized stem cells to cure illnesses with this unique human tissue.

“This [research] represents an unparalleled achievement. They succeeded where many other groups…

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