Bookseller Review: THE SON


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“I can’t think about Philipp Meyer’s The Son without thinking in terms of film, of Hollywood, of legends and myths. Visions of Monument Valley in Utah (John Ford’s stand-in for West Texas in his epic film The Searchers, a movie that echoes throughout the novel) fill my mind’s eye as the wiry sparse tones of Ennio Morricone’s music support the majestic scenery with hints of distance and loss. Writing this review, this teaser, this trailer makes me we want to use that old stand-by voice over: “In a time of upheaval and war, in a world just being formed, one man shall rise…”

The Son is one of the best new books I’ve read in a long, long time. I’ve described it to people as “Cormac meets McMurtry” but even that is selling it short. A cross-generational tale that takes us from the mid 19th century…

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Paola Antonelli on acquiring video games for MoMA

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Paola Antonelli is senior curator of architecture and design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. But despite her nearly 20-year tenure at the museum, Antonelli remains resolutely disinterested in relying on the known or the obviously popular. She is always keen to challenge preconceptions of design’s role in everyday life,[ted_talkteaser id=1752] even as she pushes her colleagues at the museum to consider and question design’s relationship to art.

As she explains in today’s TED Talk, her decision to acquire 14 video games for MoMA’s permanent collection caused howls of outrage to echo through the museum’s hallowed halls, as aggrieved critics tore out their hair at the disrespect implicitly being shown to artistic heroes such as Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh. But design is quite separate from art, Antonelli argues, and they should not be mistaken for one another. Too often, people seem to assume that…

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Inspired by vampire flick Byzantium: Top Five claws in movies

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The world needs another vampire movie like it needs a hole in the neck. Or two. Twilight haters could be forgiven for rolling their eyes at the trailer for Byzantium. It features another pale mopey teenager and a family of centuries-old vampires. But wait! It’s directed by Neil Jordan! And stars Saoirse Ronan! And best of all, the vampires seem to kill not by using their fangs, but with their gross pointy fingernails! Can they do that? I think they just did!

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Apply to be a 2014 TED Fellow

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TEDFellows2014applicationsA blue whale scientist. A mobile finance entrepreneur. A DIY neuroscientist. A comedian. A sound artist. This year’s class of TED Fellows brings together trailblazers in a wide variety of fields from locations all around the globe. The TED Fellows program is getting ready to choose its new class — so they’re looking for 20 unusual thinkers at work on fascinating ideas to join the program for TED2014 in Vancouver, Canada, March 17-21. TED Fellows not only attend the conference but take part in a slew of pre-conference workshops to amplify their work and careers, including training in public speaking, leading up to a short pre-conference TED Talk. (Like these.)

Applications for TED2014 Fellowships are open from now through June 21. Apply here »

So what’s it like to be a TED Fellow? As guitarist Usman Riaz says, “These are the most creative minds in the world.” Coral…

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TED Global newsmakers: Raspberry Pi goes to space

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A raspberry has now gone where no raspberry has (presumably) gone before. The photo of the Earth’s curvature above was not taken with an expensive camera aboard a rocket. No, it was taken using a Raspberry Pi — the $25 single-board computer — and a Raspberry Pi camera, a new low-cost peripheral that started shipping two weeks ago.

Raspberry Pi was created by Eben Upton, who’ll speak at TEDGlobal 2013 during Session 11, “Tech Impact.” So how did his devices end up 40 kilometers in the air?

In March, high-altitude-ballooning enthusiast Dave Akerman had the idea to bundle both pieces into a lightweight piece of foam — in the shape of the Raspberry Pi logo, naturally — and launch them airborne aboard a balloon. On Monday, he finally got the clear weather and the CAA clearance to do so. During the device’s three-hour flight, the Raspberry Pi camera took…

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Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread


Cinnamon Banana Swirl Bread

It might get a little bananary round here in the near future. The thing is I love bananas, I like to have one everyday with my breakfast but my bananas are sneaking up on me at the moment. I’m not sure if it’s the type of bananas I’m buying or the weather or some other cosmic force but the bananas arrive not quite ready, I blink and they’re all too ripe.

There is this tiny window of opportunity when they are okay to eat au naturel. Obviously everyone has different tastes and eat their bananas at different stages. I’m okay with a little bit of brown speckling but when the speckles start to join up… bleurgh. Of course all is not lost, like a banana shaped Phoenix raising from the fruitbowl, this is the moment they get turned into something delicious.

Breads, Cookies, Smoothies, Cheesecakes – the possibility with bananas…

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